Kids Honda Odyssey Concepts

We suspect young Mickey has a bright future designing very serious cars things for very serious businessmen. While his shape is very traditional it also lacks the passion the other kids brought to the table.


Though we suspect the banner above the purple box minivan, but we choose to think Una's minivan creation comes equipped with a giant bacon sail to carry this low rider across the barren plains.

We like Alec. Alec is our kind of kid. This minivan has pretty much everything you need to be successfully awesome in bachelorhood. It's packing cold drinks, a TV, an ice cream cannon with matching sprinkle machine, cotton candy, a rocket and what appears to be a jet fighter cockpit up top. The spiked wheels add just a dash of flavor. We'd buy one.


You'll know when Austin grows up. He'll be the one you hear about over and over again setting world records on things never intended to have rockets attached to them. Rocket-powered piano. Rocket-powered kayak. Rocket-powered barbecue pit. These will be Austin, and he will be awesome.

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