Kid Drinks Gasoline To Be Like Optimus Prime

A 14-year-old Chinese boy has been admitted to the hospital with "gasoline dependance" after five years of downing the fuel in order to emulate his cartoon heroes and become a "valiant fighter" like "Optimus Prime."

It started out innocently enough, with the boy drinking lighter fluid after taking a liking to the odor, but as we all know lighter fluid is a gateway combustible and inevitably leads to the hard stuff; Dino-squeezin's, go-juice, petrol... oh yes, he was drinking gasoline. Taking it from his parents motorcycle in such quantities as to regularly drain the tank. He was doing so because he believed it would help him attain energy like those of his cartoon heroes, the Transformers. Of course his parents tried to stop him, but he kept downing the stuff and eventually he started showing signs of reduced mental capacity. His parents took him into the hospital where he was diagnosed with a psychological dependence on gas. It's like a Matrix of Stupidity. [Shanghai Daily via Gizmodo]


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