Kia Forte Coupe Caught Testing In South Korea

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The Kia Forte was just unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show, now we've got spy shots of the Kia Forte Coupe. Based on the profile and the sedan styling, this might actually be a looker.


This heavily disguised Forte Coupe was spotted in a parking lot somewhere in South Korea and if the shape is any indication it might be a pretty nice little ride. Based on the headlights, shape of the nose, and the lower fascia divot revealed when the spy shooter lifted the camo a bit, this car will be getting a lot of elements from the sedan transferred directly. That's not a terrible thing considering for the segment and price point the Forte isn't a bad looking car to begin with. Mated to the 2.4-liter inline-four with 173 HP and the six speed manual out of the Forte SX, this could be a riot of a front-driver.


Word on the street is the Kia Forte Coupe will be in US dealers by next December, so watch out for a reveal between now and the end of the year. Until then, go HERE for the above image in full resolution, and head over to Kia-World for the whole gallery of images and a whopping batch of Kia love.

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Rob Emslie

Looks like they made a Forte from the cushions on the couch.