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Kentucky Hyundai Dealer Won't Honor eBay Auction Deal, Calls Buyer "Psycho"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A GenCoupe forum member's up-in-arms over a Hyundai Genesis Coupe he claims he won on eBay Motors from a Kentucky dealership. We spoke to the dealership. They claim the buyer is "a little psycho." Accusations are flying, but who's right?

UPDATE: The Kentucky Dealership is threatening to sue the buyer if he doesn't stop talking about this.


UPDATE 2: The situation has been resolved.


Here's the part of the story both parties seem to agree on: a 2010 Hyundai Genesis 2.0T was listed on eBay Motors in December of 2009 with a little less than 5,000 miles. A few days later the bidding ended and the item listing page claims the winning bid was $16,125 (a copy of which is below). That's about it.

The prospective buyer claims he won the bid and, currently, the item listing seems to back up his claim that the winning bid was $16,125 — much better than the retail sticker price of $22,000.

The Internet Manager for the seller, Eric Manley of Glenn Hyundai in Lexington, Kentucky, claims the car was only listed at a "Buy It Now" price of around $19-20K and, because no one purchased it at this price, the car was removed. Other than stating this is the case there seems to be no evidence backing this up as of yet.


What seems to have happened, given the evidence, is that Glenn Hyundai put the car up for sale on eBay with a "Buy It Now" price and only with the intention of having it such a price and was unwilling to sell it any lower than around $19,700 but didn't properly set the conditions of the sale.

The buyer mentions in his post that:

[Tad Dunn of Glenn Hyundai] tells me there was a Buy-It-Now for $19700, bidding started at $15000, admitted he did not put a reserve, and admits that had the auction not gone above $19,700 he would simply not sell it.


After attempts at rectifying the situation failed, both parties are seriously pissed off. In fact, when we spoke to Manley (who hung up on AutoBlog) he said "I don't know what the kid's problem is other than he's a little psycho." He's also threatening to sue the buyer because of "slander" and claims he "lost his mind."

The buyer is attempting to work through the media, eBay and the Kentucky government despite Manley claiming they've already sold it to someone else.


We've left messages with eBay PR to try and determine who may be in the right here and what legal recourse they might have.