Illustration for article titled iJalopnik/i, iGenCoupe/i Forum Help Enthusiast Beat The Man, Buy A Hyundai

After attempting to deny an eBay bidder his Hyundai Genesis Coupe and then threatening to sue him for complaining, pressure from Jalopnik, forum members and others encouraged the Hyundai dealership to rectify the situation.


UPDATE: We've got an update on the ongoing discussions. Things aren't going well.


Whether or not the dealership — Glenn Hyundai in Lexington, Kentucky — actually meant to place the car for a "Buy It Now" only auction or not is probably moot for now. They have agreed to work out a deal with the buyer that he will hopefully find amenable. For his part, the eBay bidder hopes this is the case and has expressed his gratitude, saying:

"Thanks so much for all the help that you've all given me. I'd like to give a special thanks to [Jalopnik and forum members]."

Like him, we hope this will all be resolved and the dealership follows through on their promise.

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