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Daniel Sanchez, the buyer at the center of the Glenn Hyundai eBay debacle, told Jalopnik he's been contacted by Glenn Hyundai and told to remove all mention of his buying experience from "the internet" or face legal action.


A refresher on what's transpired so far right here. We just got off the phone with Sanchez, an engineer working in Austin, Texas, and he informed us a lawyer from the dealership where he thought he'd purchased a used Genesis coupe phoned him and asked him to remove all references to Glenn Hyundai from the GenCoupe forum and to stop calling the local news — something he says he hasn't done but another forum member may have. If not, Sanchez was told, there would be legal action.


Sanchez, for his part, isn't backing down because he claims he's put nothing false on the Internet about what happened, including the claim that the dealership offered him a Turkey if he dropped the matter.

Following up on our theory that there may have accidentally been a "Buy It Now" price, Sanchez is claiming when he saw it "There was no 'Buy It Now.'"

At the moment eBay is looking into the matter for us, but until then Sanchez is still hoping this can be amicably resolved, telling us:

"If they want to put things right and make a better view to the public, I don't want to go after them with lawsuits, it's hardly worth it. But it's the principle of the thing."

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