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Ken Block was lucky enough to have been given an F-150 Raptor as a gift from Ford, and what'd he do with it? Hack the thing up into an unholy frankentruck with a supercharged heart and claws of a snowcat. Here's our first closeup look at the insane rig while it's standing still.

Block tells us the 6.2 V8 is boosted to 650 horsepower by a Whipple supercharger, and the stock six-speed automatic connects the juice to four Mattracks treads.


Those treads are designed to be used on all surfaces, including snow and asphalt, and are balanced with a new set of suspension.

The rear seats of the extended cab truck have been removed, but two Subaru BRAT-style rear-facing racing seats have been plopped into the bed for brave riders into the backcountry.


As for fuel economy, if you have to ask... you obviously didn't get a badass snow truck for free.