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Ken Block's next Gymkhana car is a Ford... hybrid?!

Illustration for article titled Ken Blocks next Gymkhana car is a Ford... hybrid?!

Ken Block shared this pic of his next gymkhana project, adding "Who says the word 'hybrid' has to mean boring?" We're just waiting for someone to violently toss one around an abandoned industrial site, that's all. Hat tip to Crossdrilled!


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Dear Ken,

Nobody said that the word 'hybrid' has to be boring. What everyone says, and will continue to say is that the hybrid vehicles available to us, "normal joes" are boring. They are lame soulless appliances that provide the driver with no joy while driving. The Prius, Insight, Volt, Altima Hybrid, Fusion Hybrid, etc. are by definition - boring. Sure, you might make a film with some fancy hybrid and show off your talents behind the wheel and we will love watching it. But don't try to market Gymkhana 4 as a "reason hybrids aren't boring". Some people reference the 918 RSR as a reason "hybrids can be cool", sure - because it's a racecar. Racecars are cool. Your gymkhana cars and videos are cool because you're hooning a racecar. The Ford Fiesta is a boring (albeit great economical, commuter, daily driver) car. Gymkhana 3 wasn't an advertisement for the Ford Fiesta; please don't make Gymkhana 4 an advertisement for a lame hybrid.