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Ken Block is set to get his first taste of Formula 1 machinery when he drives Pirelli's Toyota test car at Monza in August. Wait, does this mean we'll see Block racing Formula 1? Nope. It's mainly just the marketing-mad shoe magnate having some fun.


The WRC driver, who is famous for his online Gymkhana videos, has tied up with the Italian tyre manufacturer for the run that is scheduled to take place on August 5 - the final day of a three-day test for Pirelli.

The test will be Block's first proper run in a top-spec single seater.

But fear not, we're told by Block's folks ""it's for fun. Ken Block doesn't have intentions to pursue a career in F1."


But what about other F1 hoonery? On that, Block seems a bit more mischievous. When asked if this was a precursor to a future F1-based Gymkhana video, Block said: "I am going to see what I can talk them in to. Obviously it is a very expensive car, but I have asked a few questions and they have given me some funny looks. I will see what is possible."

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