Ken Block Spotted Filming Gymkhana 7 In Some Psychotic 1960s Mustang

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Every time I watch one of Ken Block's Gymkhana videos, I do so with one question on my mind: "How is he gonna top that for next time?" And it looks like for Gymkhana 7, the answer is gonna be with hot, nasty, badass American muscle.

Road & Track reports Block was spotted in Los Angeles this weekend shooting his new video in an extensively modified, RTR-branded 1960s Mustang.


What do I mean by "extensively modified"? Well, you have the body kit, the fender flares, the hood scoop with eight velocity stacks, and the fact that it's all-wheel drive — it's smoking all four tires in these photos.

Holy crap.

Well now we have something to be excited about. Expect a lot of smoke, noise and Mustang craziness in Gymkhana 7, coming soon.