Ken Block To Ford GT: Why No Handbrake?

Ford showed off its brand spanking new GT race car to professional hoons Ken Block and Vaughan Gittin Jr. at SEMA. What do a rally driver and a drifter think of the car Ford wants to take to Le Mans? Erm, for one, there’s no handbrake. (And where’s the V8?)

Anyone who’s ever done some road racing (and/or has their handbrake sitting in a random box in their living room) knows that a handbrake in a road racing car is a fun way to get hot brakes to fuse together if you accidentally yank that sucker after a long, brake-punishing run.


This, of course, is why my LeMons car’s handbrake is in a box in my living room.

Never mind that, though. I think Block and Gittin stumbled upon a great idea there. This should be the next Hoonicorn. This right here.

Add a handbrake, Ford, and let these two have at it in the new Ford GT. The Internet demands it.

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