Keith Crain Opens Gates, Lets Peons In: Automotive News Free For The Week

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The usually subscriber-only daily auto rag from the behemoth that is Crain Communications — the maker of such delightful reads as AdvertisingAge, TelevisionWeek, AutoWeek and the always fun Tire Business — has opened the doors to you, the everyman (or woman), for the rest of this week only. That's right, it's a December-to-remember event for Automotive News, and they're hoping it'll hook you like a fish on a little piece of sharpened metal and keep you coming back as a for-pay subscriber. And hell, we even hear that if you're one of the first 100 subscribers, you'll be entered to win a free Delphi plant — just remember to thank Keith on the way out for his benevolence.

[Automotive News]

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captain slow

ummm woot, oh i meant to say is I get all my up-to-date auto news here...what's this i hear about free ice cream