Kayaks Turn Into Cool TRON Boats With A Few Strings Of Christmas Lights

Kayaking through rapids in total darkness seems pretty dangerous and terrifying, but just-add-LEDs and looks like something out of a weird live-action video game fantasy world.

Caters Clips says this video was taken by professional kayaker Brendan Wells, while his brother Todd donned some lights and dropped through rapids on the White Salmon River and Outlet Creek in Washington.

I guess if you go through a river enough times you have an idea of what to expect, but man, this looks pretty perilous. At least the body would be easier to recover if it was illuminated?


Thankfully no such recovery was necessary, and the Wells brothers just came home with some heroic footage. Here’s a nod for creativity and bravery on this one. Kind of makes me want to try night skiing like this.

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I’ll just go ahead and add night kayaking to the list of fun ways to die.