Kart Racing In The Rain Is Drifting Insanity At Its Finest

It's hard enough to keep a regular car pointed in the right direction on track in the rain. What about a tiny little go-kart with dinky wheels, no suspension, and your butt mere inches off the ground? Oh, yes. This is nuts.


Welcome to Onboard of the Week, a feature where we spend that pesky time between race weekends looking at awesome footage from inside the car. (Or in this case, from on the driver's head.)

Karting is a great, inexpensive way to get into racing. Everything for a kart costs exponentially less than it does for a full-on race car, and there's tons of tracks across the country to go run them.

The biggest difference is that there's no nice, comfy roll cage separating your face from the ground. As such, karting suits tend to be a little more durable than your usual nomex, and balls of steel are required for operation.

But what happens when it rains? Well, you break out the waterproof gear and you race anyway, and it's a madhouse of low grip and low visibility.

Watch this onboard to find out. It looks like a hilariously drifty good time.

Bonus: here's another rain video, from a guy who just doesn't even care that there are puddles on the track. SPLASH.


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In ULY's America, every driver will be required to pass an extensive 2 week high powered go-kart on a soaked track driving program to be able to get a driver's license.