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GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz told The Car Connection somewhat definitively, "I'm sure, in a couple years, we'll do the Solstice Coupe," continuing, "leave me in peace, urchins." But seriously, such a hardtop, a picture of which was displayed at an engineers' conference earlier this year as the "Solstice GT" would be the next most logical extension of the car's two-seat Kappa platform.

Lutz went on to say the coupe could cost $1000 less than the convertible model, considering a less-complex build. It's all about the niche products with Kappa, which Lutz says may not be flexible enough to allow for another row of seats, nixing the possibility of a Chevy Nomad. How far GM's willing to stretch the Kappa architecture likely depends on how fast Solstices can fly from dealers' lots.

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