Justy + One-Legged Driver: Beats Excel! Beats Tercel!

Back in 1990, when you lined up for a drag race against the likes of the Toyota Tercel and Hyundai Excel, you needed something serious. Like f'rexample, a Subaru Justy, equipped with continuously variable tranny action! And if that hot tranny action ain't enough for you, sport, the orange-suited thugs from the Subie Mafia will tie you up and stuff you in the behind the wheel with but one leg and one arm free to operate the vehicle (and hang on, because the Justy did 30-to-50 in a stony 4.20 seconds). Look out, glacially-slow low-end subcompacts- the Justy wins the tortoise race!

Super Salty: 123 MPH Subaru Justy [internal]


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