Justin Westbrook’s out doing New York auto show stuff, so you’re stuck with me. And by me, I mean it’s me, Ryan Felton. Pictured here is a 1996 Chevy Cavalier. I didn’t own this particular one, but I’m showing you it because a ‘96 Cavalier was my first car. It was red, complete shit, but I loved it dearly. Anyway.

Listen to Dark Thoughts. Let’s have some fun out there.

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also known as Myke

My first car was also a red 4 door cavalier, but of 1999 vintage.

I put that poor thing through a lot. Started off its life as grandmas car, then became my battle wagon through college. Lived out of it, partied in it, drove across the continent in it, used it to lug gear to and from shows for the band, got air in it... It lived a wholesome life and ended up being scrapped when I was done with it. A two owner car. Did me well and rarely let me down. It only did so at the most inoppourtune times.

Never want it back. Sometimes you say goodbye for good.