Justice About to be Served: Iowahawk's Coupe Has Paint!

A lot, apparently, can happen in a year and a half or so. We wouldn't know. We're too busy being tied to this fucking ankle-bracelet of a computer do do anything like build a ridiculously-awesome hot rod. But we noticed today that a certain Jalopnik commenter who pops up now and then; the man who turned us on to the sheer obscene fabtasticness of Turbonique and posesses more random and obscure rod knowledge than we'll ever accumulate — soon to be known worldwide as Thee One and Only Iowahawk, well, his Coupe of Justice — first mentioned here in November of '05 — has paint, and according to the 'Hawk, it is but a month and a half from its debut. This car brings us much joy. We hope that it is as face-melting as we assume it to be. And this rather amateur teaser photograph somehow reassures us that it will.

Friday Dumpday [Iowahawk]

Iowahawk's Coupe of Justice [Internal]


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