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What's The Most Fun Family Car You Can Buy Right Now?

There’s one caveat—no Subaru WRX. Why? Because we already know that the WRX is the car of choice for anyone looking for a fun and affordable car that can also fit a family.


But the WRX isn’t for everyone. (A quick tour of the Subie’s interior plastics should give you reason enough why.) So we put together another little episode of What Car Should You Buy going over all the other cars you might buy if you need something to haul a baby around and also carve a corner on a country backroad.


As an enthusiast with a reasonable budget, what car would you buy to fit a family?

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Relevant to my current interests at 33 weeks pregnant. However, I’m sticking with my 500 Abarth, no matter how insane that may be. My husband has attempted several times now to persuade me into a cheap temporary kiddie hauler, but I flat out refuse. It has a latch system in the back and I want my daughter to see from day one that sticking with what you love is important.