Just Know That There's a Pontiac Grand Prix Limo Driving Michigan's Streets

Photo by Matt Kitchen
Photo by Matt Kitchen

I don’t know why it exists, how it exists, or frankly, what the heck is going on in this world in general, but I do know that roaming the streets of Michigan is a seventh generation Pontiac Grand Prix limousine. An actual one.

I don’t know why I’m telling you this, as there have been a number of different Pontiac Grand Prix limos documented over the years, but this one,—sent in by a reader named Matt—is in my neck of the woods in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and now I want to understand why it exists.

I’m not hating on the Grand Prix—it was a fairly powerful mid-size sedan (hell, MotorWeek called it a “Pushrod Powerhouse”)—but why someone thought a front-drive, non-luxury car based on GM’s ancient W Platform needed to be stretched and limousine-ified, I’m not sure anyone will ever truly know.


The idea of finding a powerful-ish car with the engine right over the drivetrain does make sense in terms of packaging efficiency, as only the exhaust and not a driveshaft will need to snake its way under the car’s floor. But other than that, I have no clue why that car—whose middle section appears to be a different shade of white than its front and rear bits—exists.

I’m glad it does, though. Weird cars are good cars.


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I’m not hating on the Grand Prix—it was a fairly powerful mid-size sedan

The Grand Prix GTP was available with the supercharged 3800 Series II, which I believe was good for 230hp. That sounds fairly meager now but at the time (late 1990s) it was pretty good.