Just How Much Water Can An FJ Cruiser Really Handle?

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This FJ Cruiser dives right on in to a deceptively deep puddle, abruptly coming to a stop at the worst possible position. Hilarity ensues, and the carpets get a good rinse but I think the truck will fight another day.

Let's take this as a reminder to sound for depth before plowing into a puddle, even within the safety of an off-road course. I can't wait to hear if your technique advice vibes with the cameraman's commentary or if you've got a better plan of attack.


Toyota promises this truck can swim in just under 28" of water, almost up to the tops of the wheels. This guy's right rear gets a little deeper than that, but the engine stays above the danger zone and most of the important stuff behind the doors is sealed up anyway. I'd bet on this FJ Cruiser drying out and rolling on. After all, it's fire that really kills these trucks.

Check out Toyota Australia's official FJ Cruiser water-fording briefing here:

Man, suddenly realizing I'm gonna miss this little things!



This dude is due for some new trans/transfer case/diff oil unless he's done this

Hooray for factory raised breathers! (still modifying mine soon)

Thats mine