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A Sleeping Beauty of FerrarisThe New York Times

The 330 GTC is one of my all time favorite Ferraris. Just 100 were built with no roof. So what is this 330 GTS worth?

After being knocked out of commission in 1969 by an engine fire and then spending the next 44 years hibernating in Pennsylvania, a graceful 1967 Ferrari 330 GTS will come under the glare of spotlights on Jan. 18 when it is auctioned in Scottsdale, Ariz.


Detroit: The naked truthAutomotive News

Great look at the Detroit Auto Show from years gone by.

The North American International Auto Show. Rolls off your tongue like a celery stalk stuffed with peanut butter. The Detroit Auto Show, what it used to be and should continue to be called, is the finest in the world for one reason: It has the best theater among the major shows. Even better, sometimes the theater is unplanned.

You're Doing it Wrong – Common Driver Errors Often Mistaken for Handling IssuesMotoIQ

It's not understeer. It's you.

Need wider tires on your Civic because it understeers like a pig on roller-skates? Need a set of slicks on your stock Mustang GT because you can't keep the ass end from coming around on you? If this sounds like you then read on, it could possibly save you a ton of money on unnecessary mods. What if I were to tell you that there's a good chance your car is just fine the way it is and that the way you're driving it may be the cause for your "handling issues".

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