Jurassic World Has A Massive Off-Road Ambulance For Sick Dinosaurs

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Mercedes-Benz is providing some special G-Wagens, Sprinters, and GLE “Coupes” to run around with dinosaurs in the new Jurassic World movie... but this Unimog “Mobile Veterinary Unit” is obviously the coolest part of the lineup.

Remember when Mercedes pimped their then-new M-Class SUV in The Lost World aka Jurassic Park 2? I guess it worked out for ‘em because they’re into it again. Mainly to shill the new GLE crossover, any maybe that bubble-orbmobile if that’s a real thing they’re building. (It isn’t.)


MB hasn’t disclosed any special specs so I think what you see is what you get... and I will be getting a die cast of this ‘Mog as soon as it inevitably shows up at my local grocery store toy aisle.


Images via Mercedes-Benz/Universal Pictures

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