Junkyard Cabbie Adventures: BMW Hindi Remix

If you have a Crown Victoria and you want junkyard parts, you'll spend a fair bit of time crawling through beat-to-death junked taxis and marveling at all the weird cabbie detritus still in the cars. I found this CD label in a Crown Vic at Pick Your Part, and I've been studying it with confused fascination ever since. It's apparently some sort of collection of Bollywood soundtrack remixes (unfortunately, I didn't find the disc itself), but what's the connection with BMW? Why is there a scantily-clad woman about to get hit by a speeding BMW? Why does she walk with a cane? Has she already been hit by other BMWs? Is that her special kink? And what's up with that front license plate?

Nemo, Here's Your New Mom: The Finnish CityCab [internal]


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