Junkpile: Photographic Spiels of Forgotten Cars

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"I kicked the shelf at the junkpile, one big crash/Sluggo's collection of broken glass/I said, 'Every time I take my shoes off/Someone's gotta come along and try them on'/You know what I mean/It could've been such a wonderful year/I wonder what went wrong?

-Aaron Cometbus

Aaron Cometbus, of Crimpshrine, Pinhead Gunpowder, Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, and Cometbus fanzine fame, may well be one of the greatest living American writers. And reader Curtis just posted a gallery of rad shots he took in a junkyard. Since we're so not gonna post on Brian Baker's fall from grace, we swapped "yard" for "pile" and rocked the Pinhead instead. Now go buy their entire discography, check out Curtis' pix, and leave us in peace. Danke.


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