Jumps, Crashes, Helicopters, Holy Crap This Movie Looks Awesome

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I say King Of The Hammers is the best action sport you’re not watching. Maybe because you don’t feel like trucking out to the Mojave Desert and living with a pack of wild racers for a few day. You should do that, but, now you can enjoy this spectacle from the comfort of your couch in this new movie The Kingdom.

Unlike a lot of long-distance off-road racing, King Of The Hammers is actually incredibly spectator-friendly. A whole village springs out of the desert with people throwing parties, serving food, and selling truck parts. You can tear off into the desert and do whatever you want. Maybe best of all, just about any racer will hang out and have a beer with you. Uh, after the rigs are parked of course.

But the reality is Johnson Valley, California isn’t accessible for everybody. And while event organizers at Hammers have been working their butts off to get the race broadcasted and livestreamed, it’s tough to beat the perspective of a pro videographers chasing the race in 4K.

That, my friends, is what we’re going to see next month when Heavy Metal Concepts releases The Kingdom. I mean, at least it sure looks that way because is this trailer is badass.


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I don’t see any info on their site, or a quick google search. When is it being released? will it be available on their site, or elsewhere?