There's nothing more gratifying as a man (well, maybe a few things, but work with us here) than opening up the hood of a vehicle ā€” any vehicle ā€” and fixing something. For example, jump-starting some poor waif's Cavalier in a dark parking lot. But technology is once again threatening to emasculate us all: The process of jump-starting just got much simpler thanks to the Closed-Hood Car Jump Starter.

There's no need to get dirty ā€” or even get out of your vehicle ā€” with this device, although it does still require another, functional vehicle. You plug one end of the Jump Starter into a 12V DC outlet on the stranded ride, and the other end into a similar outlet on a running vehicle. Wait a few minutes, and an indicator light gives you the okay to fire up your vehicle.

In all honesty, this could be a convenient device if you drive something too small for storing jumper cables, perhaps as a gift to Grandma or someone else not to be trusted with underhood adventures. At just $20, it's a great way to pretend you care. [Product Page]