Jump Onboard With Chris Harris In The McLaren P1 In High Downforce Mode

Imagine one lap around the sunny Portimao Circuit in Portugal with Chris Harris in the McLaren P1 running on its optional P Zero Trofeo R tires. You’d probably have the exact same face as Marino Franchitti above.

While Pirelli’s P Zero Trofeos are technically road legal, you’re not supposed to drive on these sticky asymmetrical semi-slicks if there’s any chance of rain on the horizon. You’re also not allowed to put your McLaren P1 into its high-downforce Race Mode that lowers the car and pushes the giant rear wing as high as it will go.


But at a track like Portimao, both can be engaged in order to reach 185mph in the main straight and hit your body with g figures climbing up to 1.7 in the corners.

I never expected it to move this fast without being sterile on the edge.

Photo credit: Chris Harris on Cars

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Wow. The difference rubber makes. I heard the road tire getting tortured on the P1’s regular run, but on a Trofeo R... it’s just so much tighter!

  1. What’s the Michelin counterpart of the Trofeo R?
  2. 1:51.78 for the P1 on stickier rubber. If the Fezza gets the same tire compound it’d most probably go as high as the low 1:52 and as low as 1:51.5.
  3. 285 mph or 285 kph? You do realize that despite the P1’s adaptive capabilities the drag created by the downforce will still limit the top speed (AFAIK LaFezza is mostly low-drag).