Jump Onboard The Fastest Car At Goodwood This Year

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While Rod Millen’s two decades old Toyota was the exact opposite of slow up the hill at Goodwood, it was this Subaru run that took the crown in the end. Wonder no more why.

The rules are simple if you want to be fast up the Goodwood hillclimb course:

  • delicately touching the hay bales while exiting a corner is fine
  • crashing into them head on is not
  • if you’re past Molecomb, just avoid the wall

That’s about it. Olly Clark is familiar with these rules, and he also knows a few things about how to drive a Subaru Impreza with a 2.0 turbocharged to 780 horsepower.


Watch his guide below:

I’m afraid the footage is not available in slow motion, but the list of cars that couldn’t beat this mighty Subaru is right here.

Photo credit: Robert Stokes/Jalopnik


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Ah, time attack. Your machinery is enough to give Manor points this season, and can outrun GT3 cars, but doesn’t get that much lovin’ mainstream.

It’s time to let the world know of what this class of racing is really capable of. With the right amounts of marketing and exposure they might just visit other, higher-tier tracks, and even have fourcross racing rules.

Also, obligatory Speedhunters wallpaper.

With the original Gobstopper

And finally, the engine.

I’m gonna go call Peter Pentell now. He should take a crack at Goodwond with his Lancia, the widest Delta in the world.