Jorge Lorenzo Mic Drops The Entire MotoGP Field With This Little Reminder

If you’ve been following this whole MotoGP, it should have become readily apparent by now that they’re all a bunch of babies. Jorge Lorenzo reminds them and the rest of us that under that helmet, we’re all the same.

Now, people in the U.S. aren’t out there beefing over who is wearing red MM93 shirts or yellow VR46 ones, and this message was created with the Spanish audience in mind.


BUT, our culture is probably the most segregated when it comes to the different types of bikes and motorsport interests, and I think this video is more important to the U.S. motorcycle culture than anywhere else in the world - because it applies to not only this next week but the rest of our lives.

Bravo Jorge, bravo.


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I got a rude finger from a guy on a Harley yesterday after waving from atop my Zero. I really hate that. We have more in common than not just by the fact that we’re both on two wheels. Might he have returned my wave if I were riding my (dearly departed) Magna cruiser? Maybe, or maybe the finger would have been directed at my “shitty import” instead of my “crotch rocket.” I was scoffed at and then dive bombed and finally chased away from a group of sport riders a few weeks ago because they didn’t see my Versys as fitting in with their repli-racers for a Saturday morning ride, despite their not going any faster than I could before I peeled off in frustration. Motorcyclists tend to be cliquey little bitches by nature, but you’d think we could just enjoy a ride without having to measure our dicks every time. This is why I still ride alone most of the time even though I’d prefer to ride with a small group and discuss that vulture that almost took me out or that crazy crest that we all caught a bit of air over while we enjoy lunch or crack a few post-ride cold ones. “I don’t care what you ride, I only care that you ride.” I hear that a lot, yet don’t see it practiced enough. Whatever. If you need me, I’ll be out riding.

This spot is pretty great even if it’s just a promo. If the whiniest of all the cliquey bitches can get behind this message, shouldn’t everyone?