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The Daily Show's Jon Stewart isn't much of a car guy. Regardless, he's on the right track with last night's humorous quasi-opinion piece mocking the not-so-Big Three, but ending in the right place — supporting Congressional loans.


Stewart's argument is based on some of the same argument's we've made on these pages, but also the new one we've starting hearing the past couple of days, that of "a Main Street bailout." Basically, was the bailout of the financial industry more a bailout for "Wall Street" — a bailout supported by everybody and anybody, while the bailout of the automakers is more for America's "Main Street." Whether you agree, at least it's funny.

Plus, we can all feel sorry for a man when his first car was an AMC Gremlin, a car "that existed so Pinto drivers would have something to BLEEP (no shittin' idea what word THAT is) on..."


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