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Join Jalopnik On Facebook, Win a Jabra Speakerphone

Illustration for article titled Join Jalopnik On Facebook, Win a Jabra Speakerphone

Want to win a Jabra in-car speakerphone? We'll randomly select a winner from the commenters on the "Jabra Speakerphone" thread on our official Jalopnik Facebook fan page. Details below.


As we attempt to build the next generation of auto enthusiasts, we've got to find a way to get the pro-Jalopnik message out to the not-yet-car-loving masses. What better way for you to help spread the message to your friends — as loyal soldiers in the Jalopnik army — than Facebook?

All you have to do is head over and join our official Facebook page and drop a comment on the "Jabra Speakerphone" thread there (not here!). Your comment serves as an entry into a random drawing for the prize. The hands-free speakerphone comes with car and USB chargers and transmits music. Yay! All you have to do is join and comment.


Our standard contest rules apply.


FYI: we turned off comments on this post so as not to confuse folks who don't read instructions well. If you want to win you have to comment on the thread on Facebook, NOT HERE! That is all.

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