If you’ve seen the new Top Gear, you know that “Star In A Reasonably Priced Car” has been replaced with “Star In A Rallycross Car,” featuring a modified version of the old test track with some nice off-road terrain. Here’s a 360º look at the new course with Chris Harris as your guide.

The new Top Gear ditches the old test track for a filthy rallycross course with gravel, dirt and jumps, and swaps out the pedestrian Kia Cee’d for a modified Mini Cooper.


Here’s a look at the new course, with Chris Harris— a shining light in an otherwise disappointing first show—at the helm. Use the arrow at the top left of the screen to rotate the view and see all 360 degrees of rallycross glory:

I like the new course. It’s got a lot of the same challenges of the previous track, but with a bit of tricky terrain mixed in to keep the drivers from getting cocky.

That, combined with the fact that these celebrities will be driving a modified rallycross car—something very different from what they’re probably used to driving—could make for some beautiful, high-quality SIARC fails.

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