Image credit: Univision Autos

If you were one of the lucky few to be hand-picked by Ford to be able to buy its new Ford GT super car, lucky you! Ford also made you sign a contract that made sure you wouldn’t try and sell your GT for profit for at least the first two years of ownership. Wrestler John Cena did just that, Ford is suing him, but at least he doesn’t seem to be too mad about it.

Speaking to Univision Autos, Cena revealed that he doesn’t have any ill-will toward the American carmaker that is currently suing him for reselling his Ford GT. He asserts that he is still a huge Ford fan and he’s excited to see where this all goes.

I’m not sure “excited” is a word I’d use if I were currently being sued by a major automaker, but I am also not John Cena. I feel like we have very different definitions of what “exciting” is.