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NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jimmie Johnson claims he was trying to adjust the track bar in his car because it was too loose, but I know he secretly wanted more of that sweet, sweet oversteer. Johnson once again showed that he is a master of opposite lock in a situation that would’ve sent many other drivers into the wall.


The rear end of Johnson’s car got loose, sending Johnson into a spin. Instead of coming all the way around, though, Johnson held it in a beautiful, smoky drift.


Jimmie Johnson clearly missed his sweet sideways calling. As soon as the car got out from under him, he added more throttle to keep it out of the wall and pointed it down into the pits. That’s what I call mad dorifto skills.

Unfortunately, Johnson got caught speeding through the pits to remain on the lead lap and got hit with a penalty over it, but he rejoined in 28th place. Not bad? Not bad.

Update: Johnson spun again later in the race, and couldn’t save it that time. Oops.


Johnson retired to the garages shortly afterwards so his team could try to fix the car’s nose.


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Is your butt numb yet? Because on big race #3 of 3, mine feels flatter than it does on one of those “fuel consumption run” (read: send a tow when the car runs out of gas) days. Worth it? Worth it.


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