Jim Glickenhaus is obsessed with me

The latest video from the P4/5 Competizione marketing project reveals the racer's creator Jim Glickenhaus has two new obsessions to go with his car fetish: Matt Hardigree and juice in a bag.


When you watch the video make sure to prepare yourself for the kind of metaphysical solipsism of the like you'd find in Being John Malkovich. It's not really about the Nürburgring-racing, Ferrari-based P4/5 one-off racing car he's building. It's about us, watching him, watching us.

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And by "watching us" I mostly mean "me." There are articles from a few other writers but it's mostly me. If you notice, he even reads my completely random tweet about contributor Wes Siler. Bradley Farrell of Kinetic Fin, who is producing the video series, even sent me a message letting me know I'm in it frequently. This is, of course, the same Bradley Farrell who puts goats atop his Ferrari.

The point seems to be the car exists because Glickenhaus shares his dream, which I then share, which he then shares the sharing of, causing him to share more. It's the modern blog feedback loop, fueled by awesome videos of the car.


Also, dude loves his Capri Sun.


Fred Smith

jim glickenhaus, stop being so awesome, you're making everybody else look bad.