Jetliner Part Falls From Sky, Scares Crap Out Of People In Miami Parking Lot

A 150-pound piece of a Boeing 747 fell into Miami on Friday, landing in the parking lot of a local mall. This picture was taken the same day in Washington, D.C. Which is worse — blinding snow or falling parts?

A canoe-shaped fairing fell from an Atlas Air 747 in Miami last week. The fairing, dropped from approximately 1500 feet, landed in the parking lot of the Miami International Mall. No one was hurt, no cars were damaged, and the plane in question had no issues landing.


So yeah, we couldn't stop thinking of random Chicken Little jokes for this one. We obviously didn't come up with any, and we have to admit, we're a bit embarrassed. (A story with the words "Cocky Locky" and "the sky is falling" at it center? Seems easy, no?) Someone help us out here. Please. It's gonna bug us.

(For reference, if we had to choose, we'd pick snow. Blizzards may suck for travel, but at least they won't take your head off.)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

[Yahoo News/AFP]

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