Jerry Seinfeld And Jay Leno To Host American Top Gear? Call Us Skeptical

The Top Gear gossip of the day is that Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld could be hosting the American version of the show destined for US airwaves in the next couple of years. We call bollocks. The whole rumor is built upon so much circumstantial evidence that we're a little shocked it didn't come from us. We break down the report from Inside Line below the jump.

The first piece of evidence to support this theory comes from the fact that the show's producers told journalists vying for the job that the show was going to be taking more of a "celebrity direction." Whatever that means. So it's not going to be Angus and probably not going to be someone with journalistic integrity. That's not a shock.


The second piece of evidence is that Jay Leno likes cars, works at NBC and is retiring from The Tonight Show in 2009. Fair enough, he likes cars, but does anyone know if he wants the job? The third piece is the most ridiculous of all. Jerry Seinfeld has a relationship with NBC, likes cars and shilled for his movie on 30 Rock. Hmm... close but no cigar.

We're not saying it isn't going to happen. NBC has disappointed us before and will likely do so again. Using the same logic we're going to claim Fred Thompson as the obvious choice. He's not going to be doing anything in 2009 and he has a long-standing relationship with NBC (and we guess he likes cars). [Edmunds: Inside Line]

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