Jeremy Clarkson's Beach House: A Vacation From Speed Limits

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Jeremy Clarkson's beach may lead to the frigid waters of the Irish Sea, but the nearby roads lead to driving nirvana — the Top Gear presenter's property is a lighthouse on the speed-limit-free Isle of Man.

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Located on the tip of Langness Peninsula, a 1.5-mile outcrop of land at the southern edge of the island, Clarkson's lighthouse was built in 1880. It is the work of Thomas Stevenson, a member of a a notable Scottish family of lighthouse designers.


The lighthouse has been without a keeper since 1996. It was purchased by Clarkson in 2005, who immediately proceeded to fence it off with barbed wire. According to a report by the BBC, he was recently ordered to restore access to footpaths crossing the property:

Television presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been ordered to reopen a footpath through his property after a public inquiry on the Isle of Man. The BBC Top Gear presenter sparked protests from ramblers when he diverted a walkway on land at his holiday home, a lighthouse on the Langness peninsula. A pressure group called Prowl (Public Rights of Way Langness) has since campaigned for access to the path. Mr Clarkson now has 28 days to appeal against the ruling.


No word yet on whether or not speed limits have been imposed on the ramblers rambling along the reopened paths.

Photo Credit: dreamofdaylight/Flickr