Jeremy Clarkson Will Be Back On The BBC, But Not For Top Gear UPDATE

You, the spittle-flecked, confused masses, were under the impression that the BBC had fired Jeremy Clarkson for punching a Top Gear producer in the face. But you, the blithering, enraged peanut gallery, were wrong. Because he was only fired from Top Gear, not the whole BBC, and in a few weeks, he’ll be back.

UPDATE 4/9/2015: The production team behind Have I Got News For You is now saying that Clarkson has pulled out of the planned taping, according to the Mirror. The team does, however, expect Clarkson to come back later in the year. The original post follows below.


(This is going to be one of those things that you refer back to in a few weeks, for your spittle-covered friends that are often confused and like to share memes on Facebook about Obummer. But that’s okay, Jalopnik is here for them, too. Furthermore, when you prove them wrong, that Jeremy Clarkson isn’t coming back to Top Gear so fast, they’ll turn all pedantic and try to prove that Jeremy Clarkson actually wasn’t fired at all, it’s just that his contract was renewed, SO THERE. But that’s essentially the same thing in this case, and in your rage please don’t be tempted to punch them in the face.)

What the more-than-casual Top Gear fans might have noticed is that, contrary to popular belief, the car show was not actually the presenters’ only jobs. They’ve hosted documentaries, dog shows, and even the occasional cooking show while not power sliding about. Much of this was for the BBC’s various properties, and a lot of it was different from your normal Top Gear fare.

Like the quiz-ish game show-ish panel show, Have I Got News For You, which has been hosted by a selection of celebrity-ish people since 2002. And one of those hosts has been, on occasion, one Jeremy Clarkson.

Clarkson is set to host another episode of the BBC show that will air April 24th, according to The Independent, and it’ll be the first time he’s really appeared in public ever since the whole “fracas” involving producer Oisin Tymon occurred.


Though weirdly enough, on one of the previous times Clarkson hosted another workplace “fracas” marred the production:

The 54-year-old has featured on the popular show a dozen times since Angus Deayton left in 2002. He famously threw a pen at team captain Ian Hislop during a 2008 episode, leaving him with a cut on his face.

“We had to stop recording,” said Hislop. “He refused to believe it was blood. He said it was red biro and then apologised to me afterwards.”


Have I Got News For You is actually not excruciating, for the most part, but a lot of the British-focused humor will probably fly over most American’s heads.

Unless the panelists all start making fun of Clarkson, which is likely, and which will probably be hilarious.


It’s unclear if this is just something that Clarkson was previously contracted for and which the BBC just kept going out of habit, or if this is the Beeb’s way of rehabilitating Clarkson in the British public eye. Nor is it clear if this will open the door for Clarkson to return to hosting other BBC shows.

But who knows? If you really, really need a Clarkson fix (which, um, okay), it’ll probably pop on Youtube at some point. With lots of weird British jokes.


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