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Exclusive: Clarkson drives the McLaren P1 — Top Gear

Our favorite bombastic motoring commentator drives what is probably my favorite of the new generation of super cars. This is his take.

Many of us will have driven a car that is powerful enough to spin its wheels as you change into second gear. Some may have been fortunate enough to drive a car that can produce a little chirrup as you do a full-bore upchange to third. But the new McLaren P1 goes further than that: if the road's a bit greasy, it will spin its wheels all the way through fourth.

5 things I learned while driving the $845,000 Porsche 918 Spyder — Road & Track


Speaking of super cars, our friends at Road & Track got their greasy mitts on a Porsche 918. Here's what they learned about it. Oh, and here's a sixth thing they'll learn: We're jealous we didn't get to drive it.

Even if the Carrera GT was a killer—and it most emphatically was not—the science of carmaking has evolved. The 918 produces 887 hp and 944 lb-ft of torque. It tops out at a whopping 214 mph. It locates much of its mass in the middle of its chassis, where supercars have for decades, and it produces far more power than most people can handle. Unlike the traction-control-only Carrera GT, it has both traction and stability control standard because both are required by law in America.

The Great Escape — Car

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