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Jenson Button Is Formula One's Most Honest Man

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“I don’t know what’s worse,” McLaren Formula One driver Jenson Button told Sky Sports after retiring from the Austrian Grand Prix with engine problems. “Doing the race thirty seconds off pace or stopping on Lap 2!” (McLaren, in case you were wondering, is not having a good season.)


Teammate Fernando Alonso had his fourth retirement of the season right at the start of the race due to an unfortunate smash-up with Kimi Räikkönen’s Ferrari. Both teammates were hoping to at least get some data to use to develop and improve their unreliable Honda power units, but that’s not going to happen at the Red Bull Ring today.


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Mr Ordinary

I’m a long term fan of F1’s true gentleman. I’m watching the Sky coverage and his interview was an unusually frank and emotional one.

He’s a brilliant racer, warm and friendly guy who has truly been an ambassador of the sport. He has also done a great deal for charity.

I hope he gets a few more seasons in a good car.