Look at Smuggy McSmuggykins Jeff Gordon flying off with the lead in this trike race. It's one thing to race another Washington Wizards basketball fan on a tricycle. It's another thing to completely dominate at it, man.

According to the Washington Post, Gordon and another spectator were picked at random to race tricicyles after the first quarter of the Spurs-Wizards game.

Naturally, the four-time Sprint Cup champion and oval expert took to the trike like a pro, popping wheelies as he leaned into turns, leaving the other fan in the dust.

Who knew we wouldn't have to wait until February to see NASCAR drivers race in ovals again?


Best of all, the announcer is annoyed that Gordon's risking his precious racing feet to race outside of NASCAR. Hey, someone's got to say it, but on the other hand, how else is a driver supposed to keep his pit trike deathmatch skills sharp in the offseason?

Pit trike deathmatches are, of course, a thing. A very, very important thing.