Jeep Grand Cherokee From 2009 Back Another Year For '80th Anniversary' Edition

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The original Jeep is about to turn 80. By comparison, the current Jeep Grand Cherokee has only been around since 2009, so it’s still pretty old. To add insult to injury, Jeep is keeping the current Grand Cherokee around for another year and reportedly selling it with an “80th Anniversary” edition.


I guess FCA, the parent company of Jeep, is sticking to its philosophy of “don’t fix what isn’t broken.” The aging Dodge Challenger’s sales have somehow increased. If you’ve sunk the cost and it’s still selling, why update it now? Perhaps it’s the same with the Grand Cherokee.

With steady sales for the current model, it seems Jeep hasn’t felt a need to get around and overhaul the base SUV in any significant fashion since it was introduced back in 2009. Again, if it’s still selling, who can blame them?

With that in mind, Mopar Insiders reports that the fourth-gen Grand Cherokee will stick around for the 2021 model year, with a future fifth-gen model getting some finishing touches with plenty of time to spare:

As for new trim models, we are hearing about a new 80th Anniversary Edition Grand Cherokee that will be based on the popular Limited model. The new 80th Anniversary Edition will be a cross-brand promotion to celebrate the brand’s heritage and builds off of the success of prior anniversary edition vehicles.

Our dealer sources have also said that all of the current core models will return for the 2021 model year, including Laredo, Limited, the off-road-oriented Trailhawk, Overland, Summit, SRT, and Trackhawk models.

The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee lineup, is expected to start production on Monday, September 14th, 2020 at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit, Michigan.

Mopar Insiders also reports that this will indeed be the final model year for the current generation, and the production cycle for the 2021 model year will run short to make time to retool for next-gen 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee production in early 2021.

While an 11th model year and an “80th Anniversary” edition makes the current fourth-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee sound very old, remember that age is just a number. Money is also just a number, but it’s a number Jeep can practically do a lot more with.

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