Look folks, there needs to be some sort of “selfie safety training” in high schools these days, because this is getting out of hand. Earlier this month, YouTuber Alex Lopatnyuk had just finished a fine day out gator hunting with friends. Perhaps fearing that he might not have enough content to upload to Facebook that evening (after all, if it’s not on Facebook, it didn’t happen), Alex took a drastic measure and broke out the heavy weaponry.

His desperation caused him to wield one of the most lethal contraptions of all time— a selfie stick. He released it from its locked titanium case, turned off the safety, and deploy it from the window of his jacked-up JK Wrangler on 35s. Ballsy move.


But the powerful selfie stick ended up being too much for Alex to handle. As he drove behind his friend’s pickup, he averted his eyes from the road to ensure that he was employing the proper selfie-ing technique. His friend driving a pickup tapped the brakes, but because Alex was in a selfie trance, he didn’t notice that he was zeroing in on the canoe hanging from the back of his friend’s truck. The result: carnage.

The canoe left a gaping hole in the Jeep’s windshield and bent the windshield frame.


What did he do to fix the gaping hole in his windshield? He did what any junkyard mechanic would, and duct taped it. Alex is clearly a veteran at this.

Here’s the duct tape job:

Let’s hope he can replace that windshield and get the JK back on its feet.