Jeep Driver Gets Best Revenge Ever On Asshat Corvette Parker

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Corvettes are cool. But are they the level of cool where they can park across two spaces and nobody will care? Apparently not, as one Jeep-driving Redditor proved with the best revenge on an asshat parker that we've ever seen.

Redditor AnotherCJMajor came across a Corvette C6 Gran Sport parked across a couple space in a local parking lot. Instead of just letting it go, he decided to do something. That "something" was parking his lifted Cherokee half on the curb and half on one of the spots that the Corvette took up.



He didn't touch the Corvette, but he sent his point home: When you're trying to asshat park, there's always someone who is willing to one up you.

Now, his revenge is valiant, but when the Corvette drives away, all people will see is a Jeep parked like a total turd. So while he proved something to the Corvette driver, everyone who saw the Jeep after the Corvette left thought he was the total asshole.

And it was well worth it.

We salute you, Mr. Jeep Driver. Keep fighting the good fight.

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