Jeep Barely Changed The Wagoneer For 30 Years

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If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Jeep embodies that more than any other manufacturer, because the Wagoneer barely changed at all for its entire production run. This big Jeep is basically the progenitor of the current daily driver SUV mega trend, and they’re the perfect mixture of terrible and awesome. In this One Take, Zack Klapman gets to experience the dinosaur nature of Jeep’s original big boy.

While the traditional One Take video has focused on some form of sporty car or another, this one takes a different tack. Mike Musto’s Jeep Grand Wagoneer is an absolutely cherry example of a really weird era for the SUV. Despite being built in the 1990s, this behemoth is a carryover from the original design, released in 1962, and as such has a lot of what you might call “character.”

It’s effectively a farming implement that was converted by the factory into a family truckster with plush seating and decent appointments inside. Unfortunately, it still drives like a tractor with just awful MPGs, vague steering, slow brakes, and even slower propulsion.


If the Grand Wagoneer didn’t look as good as it does, it might never have lasted so long. Aesthetics can carry a car a long way.

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