Illustration for article titled Jay Leno Punked By emJalopnik/em Readers At Goodwood

Know how sometimes things just come together in spectacular fashion? That just happened to two Jalopnik readers at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Hilarious T-shirts combined with fate help create this spectacular image.

We'll let louiebaby (on Jay's left) tell you how it happened.

Please find the attached pic of Jay. We feel a bit guilty actually since he's such a legend. I'm on Jay's left, my friend is called Thom, on Jay's right.

We wore the t shirts to humiliate my brother, (the photographer,) for his birthday, which worked a treat. The guy stood infront of Jay was interviewing him with a small video camera, but I don't know whether he got us in his shot.


That still doesn't explain why Jay is wearing Justin Hart's race suit, but since he doesn't take himself too seriously, we're sure Jay would see the humor. In fact, since these two probably giggle everytime someone says "Goodwood," they might be perfect interviewees for Jaywalking.

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