And even if you do see one, you won't realize it's a Lamborghini. Meet the Islero.

There are some very rare Lamborghinis out there, but the Islero is not even in the top three on their list. Ferruccio's fourth car stayed invisible throughout all those years not just because they only built 225 of them, but also because it came out two years after the Miura, and in 1968, all people cared about was the Miura S.


The front-engined Islero got the same 4.0 V12 and wheels as its mid-engined brother, but it came a 2+2 body designed by Marazzi. Fine leather, a five-speed manual, independent suspension and all the visibility in the world. Both Ferruccio Lamborghini and his brother used Isleros as their daily drivers for a very good reason.

Adam Carolla's formerly silver car doesn't get to see that much daylight, but luckily, Jay Leno knows how to help with that.

Beating Ferrari at his own game must have felt great, and when it comes to drama, they've still got that covered.


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