Jay Leno Didn't Wear Denim To Pick Up His McLaren P1

People know just a few things about Jay Leno. He hosted The Tonight Show. He loves cars. He basically only wears denim. He just got his McLaren P1 and he wasn't wearing denim. Is he ok?


The car came off the trailer earlier and Leno showed up to pick it up later on. And in what has to be the most shocking clothing faux pas of the last 50 years, Leno didn't wear his signature denim. Instead he has khakis on. That leads to another question.

Who is this man and what has he done with Jay Leno? Is Leno ok? Did he leave The Tonight Show and suddenly stop wearing denim? So many questions.

The point is, he has a McLaren P1 now, and that's the important part.


Here it is coming off the trailer:

The envy is so strong right now. And the desire to wear denim. That's also strong.

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